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Peoria, IL

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  • Bryan Estes, Dec. 2014

Integrity Home Inspection has performed thousands of inspection throughout Illinois and many of our clients take the time to review our services directly or through online listings with Google, Yahoo and others. Here are just a few of the kind words our clients have shared with us over the years.

I hired Cameron Anderson to perform an inspection of our home prior to selling.  We did not have an inspection completed during the purchase of our home because we knew the sellers wouldn't fix anything or would try to back out and we really wanted the house.  I choose Mr. Anderson because he inspected my previous home for the buyers and ended up causing me a whole list of things to repair (which I did). I knew he was very thorough and did a better job then I wanted.  And then as a seller,  I was very pleased with his knowledge and patience in explaining things to me that I didn't know. The inspection took longer then expected because of my questions and his explanations but was not charged any more money.  I received the inspection report in timely manner.  The inspection was well worth the money. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for an inspector!

  • Jonathan Phillips, Nov. 2014

Great, thorough, helpful, and reasonably priced.

  • Terry Quinn, Sept. 2014

Cameron is extremely meticulous and thorough.  I'm a mechanical engineer, and he finds things that I would have missed, but once explained, it is obvious that they must be fixed. He takes his time; as best I can tell by comparing to other inspectors I've called, he spends about three times as long inspecting the house as some of the others do.  He also gets the report to you very quickly. When we bought a house in 2003, we used an inspector that sub-contracted much of the work to licensed tradesmen.  After we got his report and bought the house, we later found a major problem that the inspector specifically reported was not there.  It cost thousands of dollars to fix.  All we could recover from the inspector was the cost of the inspection, as they all put that limitation in their contract.  I've used Cameron twice since then, and I highly recommend him.

  • Liz B., Aug. 2014  

I received a call back about my situation. We talked more in detail. I felt he was completely honest. He didn't talk about money and ended up explaining everything in detail over the phone. He told me he could come to check the home we potentially want to buy but we could save our money. I have never had any company make me feel like they actually helped and didn't take advantage of me and want all this money first. Thanks soooooo much.

  • Justin Ayers, March 2014

I hired Cameron Anderson from Integrity Home Inspections to perform a home inspection on a house I was looking to purchase. He was extremely knowledgeable and personable, and he took time to teach me things to look for while inspecting the house. His pricing is excellent for the amount of time and detail he spends during the house inspection. This was an extremely valuable experience as a first time home-buyer. I highly recommend Cameron for anyone looking for a home inspector.

  • Roger, March 2014

I can honestly say your inspection was the best money we spent in buying our home. Your thoroughness and willingness to take the time to explain the details of your findings and potential fixes for problem areas was greatly appreciated. Your report was just as thorough. We felt it would have taken us ten years or more to get to know the house condition and maintenance concerns as well as we have after spending a morning with you inspecting. Thanks so much.

  • Brian H., Feb. 2014

I'm not typically impressed and rarely give positive recommendations but this is a well deserved exception.  Cameron's knowledge of building codes and regulations is impressive and I found that he notices details that others easily overlook.  He has invested in tools, such as a thermal imager, that allow him to inspect for water leaks, wiring problems, foundation cracks and lack of insulation in areas that are completely inaccessible. Cameron took the time to thoroughly explain the problems he found and provided me with a professional report including pictures and recommended remediation actions. Professional, technically competent, thorough, above and beyond expectations are the terms that describe Integrity Home Inspection!

  • Bruce Bunyer, Jan. 2014

Cameron was professional and thorough. The inspection was an eye-opener and I would recommend him without hesitation. Cameron respectfully engaged me in the process and I appreciated his willingness to answer follow-up questions. His written report was well-organized and very easy to follow. Thank you.

  • Karen Demarini, Jan. 2014

I contacted Cameron Anderson at the advice of a friend who had used him before and was very pleased with his inspection. He is very thorough and covered a few things that my seller and I hadn't considered, which was of great benefit. Thanks Mr. Anderson.

  • Mackenzie, Yahoo, Jan. 2014

Integrity Home Inspection was very professional. The inspection was very detailed. The report was well written including pictures and recommendations. I would highly recommend Integrity Home Inspections and will be using them for any future home inspections I may have.

  • Bryan Staggs, Nov. 2013

Cameron is really great at his job and you can tell he is passionate about what he does. His pricing is more than reasonable, and I would really recommend that you use him if you want an inspection that you can rely on. Thanks Cameron!

  • Rob Brown, Nov. 2013

Cameron is the man! He is extremely thorough. He goes above and beyond and you really feel like he is on your team. Way more information and support than I have received from other inspectors. He's the guy who can find that "needle in a haystack." Hire him!

  • John Vanne, Nov. 2013

Cameron did an awesome job on the home inspection. It's the second time I've used him because I know how thorough he is and how high of a competence level he has in his work as well as his suggested courses of action. If you want the job done right and done well, this is absolutely the best way to go.

  • James Luckey, Nov. 2013

Mr. Anderson performed a very professional thorough inspection of my house. It was exactly what I needed in terms of pointing out what were required fixes and what were "nice to do" repairs. I would highly recommend Mr. Anderson to anyone looking for an excellent home inspector.

  • Vern Kracht, Oct. 2013

Exceeded my expectations. Inspection was thorough and accurate. Report was especially helpful. You've restored my faith in home inspectors.

  • Reta Swain, Nov. 2013

I would highly recommend Integrity Home Inspection any time you are looking to buy a house. Cameron spent 3 1/2 hours looking at all aspects of the house. He provided pictures of all the problem areas and very detailed information. I am sure he saved me from making a mistake on a house that I thought was ideal. I will definitely use him in the future for my own home or one that I choose to purchase.

  • Talbert Houle, Sept. 2013

Cameron, the owner of Integrity Home Inspection, was great to work with. He was quick and thorough. Very informed and straight forward with his approach, Cameron made it apparent what our options were and by the end, the feeling he left us with is that he cared about ensuring we got the most out of the time he was at our home. I would happily recommend Integrity Home Inspection to those interested in their services.

  • Keith Rexroat, July 2013

Absolutely the most detailed home inspection you will ever receive. Cameron will find ever detail no matter how small. I would highly recommend Integrity Home Inspection any time you are looking to buy a house. A extremely high level inspection backed up by pictures of problem area's. Well worth the cost of the home inspection, Cameron's detailed inspection could save you thousands of dollars in unexpected repair bills later on.

  • Derek Dunlap, July 2013

Inspector was very detailed and very professional. He allowed me to walk around with him and pointed out all of the minor items that I should look into. He also showed me some pointers on how to do routine maintenance on items throughout the house. I would highly recommend Integrity Home Inspection to anyone needing a good home inspection.

  • Reneece Washington, July 2013

We had an excellent experience with Integrity Home Inspection! We are first time homebuyers and the overall process can be rather overwhelming. Cameron had a friendly demeanor that put our anxiety to rest! Cameron's professional and thorough inspection was way beyond what we expected. He proved to be very knowledgeable about codes, took the time to explain issues and to give us suggestions about repairs and maintenance of our home. His inspection report was very detailed and easy for even the less enlightened to understand. I liked that he also took pictures of some of the areas that needed attention. I would highly recommend Integrity Home Inspection to anyone and already have!

  • Kelly Knobloch, May 2013

Cameron was extremely professional and thorough. He takes his time and makes a detailed report of everything you need to know about your home inspection. Pricing is great and you get a quality service. Couldn't ask for better home inspector! Don't hesitate to use Integrity Home Inspection!

  • Sandy Jeffries, April 2013

Absolutely Excellent Inspection! I would highly recommend Integrity Home Inspection for anyone purchasing a home. The level of knowledge and understanding of the current codes was a significant factor in being able to indentify inspection issues. In addition, taking the time to explain issues and information on immediate and for future concerns, was extremely helpful. The final report with plenty of pictures, was easily used to communicate to contractors on the issues. This inspection more than offset the cost savings and remediation of issues. The schedule was easy to work around and well worth any wait to get this high level of inspection and more than 150% satisfied with the level of service.

  • Rick Owens, April 2013

Had a commercial property that needed to have a mold inspection. Cameron with Integrity came out and was very professional, knowledgable with the latest in state of the art equipment. He did a thorough search and was attentive to my questions and courteous with my tenant(s).

  • Melissa S.,Washington, April 2013

Really, as good as it gets. Cameron, the owner, was honest, quick to respond to all of our concerns about our basement after the recent flooding, and really did offer the service and care he says he will on his website. If I am ever in need of radon or mold services or a home inspection I will definitely be going back to this company.

  • Mark Vivian, March 2013

We were extremely impressed with our home inspection. Not only did the inspection point out over $2000 worth of repairs that we were able to have the sellers pay for before closing, Cameron also took his time to point out minor problems that we might want/have to deal with in the future. I will be reccommending him to any family/friends who will be buying a home in the area.

  • April Lawson, Feb. 2013

I will never use any one else! You can't go wrong with Integrity Home Inspection! The inspection was very thorough. We stayed in the home with Cameron while he did the inspection and he explained everything to us as we went through the house. He was happy to answer all of our questions and explained to us any problems as well as solutions for repair. His final report came quickly and was very easy to read and understand. We decided not to purchase the home he inspected, but will be using him again on our next home offer.

  • Gary Ellis, Nov. 2012

Cameron, on a scale of 0-5 stars your home inspection efforts rate at least a 6. Your inspection was extremely thorough and accurate. You found problems both major and minor that I may have not noticed for years, if ever. The inspection report was very accurate and I will use it as a job list for the next few months for the items that I did not require to be fixed before purchasing the home. If I ever buy another home, I definetly want you to check it out. Be very proud of your work. It was worth every penny. Thanks again.

  • Kelley Davis, Nov. 2012

Integrity Home Inspection is very thorough and complete in regards to every detail. This is not just someone who owns a flashlight and knows how to print business cards. The gentleman who came to my home had a Bachelor of Architecture!. He was very polite, checked everywhere, and explained what he was doing every step of the way. His report was very clear and detailed and contained color photos.I hightly recomend Integrity Home Inspection.

  • Marco, May 2012

Cameron did a thorough and timely inspection. The imaging technology he used to analyze specific problem areas was very helpful. We were relieved and excited to find out from our inspection that we did indeed purchase a structurally solid house. In fact, with Cameron's help, we closed in record time, which was less than a month.

  • Winks, April 2012

We have now used A&A Integrity Inspection twice. We recently reviewed an inspection of another inspection company from the Urbana area. A&A's inspections were much more detailed and informative. Besides the written review Mr. Anderson is very open to freely discuss his opinions on how a problem may be rectified. I would recommend his work.

  • Just1Opinion, Feb. 2012

Careful inspection and personalized service. Cameron did a great job; he had a scheduling issue that day that left me waiting but he discounted his rate as compensation. Even though he was pressed for time, I never felt as though he was hurrying through anything. He gave my first home a relaxed and thorough inspection with explanations of things he was looking for and why. His report was clear and detailed. Highly recommended.

  • Steve, Feb. 2012

Cameron performed an inspection for us on a fifty year old property November 2012. His work was extremely thorough and was an extraordinary value. In fact, he saved us $4000 at closing as a result of his thoroughness. He provided a very detailed and accurate assessment, with photographic documentation, which made purchase negotiations go very smoothly and it provided excellent detail for subsequent personal and contracted remediation work. This is the second time we have used Cameron and his previous work was similar. We highly recommend his work.

  • Greg L., Nov. 2011

I was very impressed with the extremely thorough inspection and attention to those details commonly unseen by the untrained eye. He (Cameron) made a concerted effort to find the root cause of a set of sagging stairs and spent the time to help me understand why there was a problem and what could be done to correct. Very professional and highly recommended!

  • Spacesda, A Google User, Nov. 2011

We were very pleased with the Cameron's thorough and professional home inspection. We highly recommend his services to anyone purchasing a new home.

Thank you for the inspection report. I enjoyed working with you and learned so much from your inspection. Thank you for being one of the few professionals that doesn't just live up to your company's name but exceeds it!

  • Mark P., Oct 2011

Having little knowledge in house maintenance, Cameron walked me through every part of my potential house. He told me what to keep an eye on and what should be fixed. His inspection gave me a lot more confidence in my purchase and a nice list of things I should do to turn this house into a wonderful home to start a family in.

  • Matt B., Bartonville, Oct 2011

We were really pleased with your work and considering the terrible condition of the home, it sure saved us a lot of money & headaches. We would not hesitate to use your home inspection expertise in the future.

  • Patricia & Wayne Blair, Oct. 2011

I am very pleased to say that you did a wonderful job for us. Your good inspection saved us several thousand dollars in repairs we would have of had to make & pay for later ourselves. Thanks again for a job well done!!!

  • Neil King, Sept. 2011

I really appreciated your fine attention to detail.  I didn't expect that thorough of an inspection.  I now feel like I know this house inside and out; both good and bad.  I did ask the sellers to make several of the corrections noted on the inspection and I also plan to use the inspection report to continue with some of the other issues on my own.  I was told that the typical inspection takes two hours.  I believe this inspection took 4.5 hours.  As the buyer, I really appreciated this.  I also appreciated the time you took to explain the details and the fact that you were able to put it in a way that I could understand. Thank you!

  • Kathy Huthmann, Morton, Sept. 2011

Extremely Satisfied! We had our home inspected before purchase and it gave us great confidence in buying our first home. Cameron was impressively thorough and honest about the home in both its good points and bad. The exhaustive inspection report left no question about the condition of the house for both us and the seller. We will definitely use Integrity Home Inspection for our next home purchase!

  • Jason, Sept. 2011

I was very impressed with Mr. Anderson's level of knowledge. He helped me feel very comfortable about the entire process. You could really tell he was there to do his best for you. He understands that a house is the biggest purchase most people ever make, and he wants to help instill as much information into that decision as possible. I had a great experience with him, and would highly recommend his services to others!

  • Luke K., Sept. 2011

I was very satisfied with the home inspection from Cameron Anderson!  He went through the house from top to bottom. Cameron is a very knowledgeable person and takes his job very serious and looks out for the people that are looking at buying the home. I was very happy with the way he explained everything to me and if I didn't understand he would explain it again until I understood. In a way he made my decision on buying the house a lot easier. I would recommend anyone that is needing a home inspection to call Cameron. I also recommend that the person needing an inspection to be present when he is doing it because it's easier to understand everything when he can show you as he's doing the inspection. Thanks Cameron.

  • Adam Woodson, Sept 2011

Should we ever need another home inspection, Integrity is who we will call!  Mr. Andersons knowledge is top and beyond thorough!  Should we ever have any friends or family needing a recommendation, we will recommend Integrity with Mr. Cameron Anderson.

  • Brad & Gina Baker, Morton, Sept. 2011

My experience with Integrity Home Inspection was a positive one.  Cameron Anderson was very thorough and took the time to explain every issue that was found.  Cameron has been more than helpful even after the inspection; assisting my husband and me with additional questions about some of the needed repairs.  I highly recommend his service.

  • Melissa K.  East Peoria, Aug. 2011

"Cameron Anderson is very professional and thorough.  In my report I received written documentation of the problems with my house, and pictures to go along with every description of each problem.  Pictures are extremely helpful. Cameron was also very helpful in answering all of my questions as we walked through the house.  In some instances, he even provided repair options and possible costs for the project.  Great inspection, great experience.  I will definitely recommend Integrity Home Inspection."

  • Christopher Francis, Aug. 2011

I found Cameron to be very knowledgeable and personable.  On each item inspected, he pointed out any  deficiencies, if he felt it was a real issue,  and what we would need to do to resolve.  The documentation he provided after the inspection backed up the discussions during the inspection.  I would recommend that a future home owner be present during the inspection to get the most from the experience.  I also wish I had listen to him about our air conditioner not putting out the cooling that would be expected.  We are now replacing our air conditioner.

  • Stuart M., Tremont, July 2011

In the process of relocating to Peoria, we put an offer on a house that looked great inside and out. I got A&A Inspection's name from our realtor's list. My first thought, "why would a realtor recommend a house inspector who could potentially "kill" a sale?". i.e. how thorough is this person going to be?  Cameron spent about 3 hours going through this remodeled home and found plenty of things which were not obvious to the untrained eye, a few major, and quite a few minor. He took lots of photos and explained the severity of the items that he found per codes, safety, need for attention and his experience as he walked through the photos on his laptop. He was extremely professional, provided a great detailed report with call outs on the photos. My faith has been restored in Inspectors. I would recommend Cameron to anyone buying or selling.

  • Mark W., July 2011

Excellent Service, Cameron from A&A Integrity Home Inspections does quality work. He was polite, professional and down-to-earth. Highly recommended.

  • Second Summit Schedule, A Google User, May 2011

Great eye. We could not be more pleased with Cameron's work. He communicated very well with us and did not hide any details from us. Very meticulous walk through! Would recommend Cameron to anybody.

  • A Google User, Jan. 2011