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Not Everything is Awesome

By Integrity Home Inspection, Feb 20 2017 04:02AM

I gotta be honest, sometimes I feel like the most disliked person in the real estate transaction. It might have to do with the nickname someone gave me which my brother loves to snicker about: Dealkiller. A group of friends once joked they would get me a Dairy-Queen-like hat which had DK in the emblem. We can address the validity of that type of sibling harassment in some other blog, but suffice it to say... Yeah, I am at times the bearer of bad news.

I would also seriously lack self-awareness if I didn't admit I have bad days where I probably report/write-up defects too aggressively. Don't get me wrong, I do wake up at a pretty high level of spectacular each morning, which of course I only mention because I know it will make my wife roll her eyes when she reads this blog. I'm just saying, I've read some of my past reports and the thought has crossed my mind, "Did you write this after discovering Bailey's or while watching a presidential debate?" However, it's impossible to recall all the factors such as the conditions of the home or the people involved which may have influenced how I worded something. Incidentally, I have actually had clients who asked during the inspection how they would go about "filing a suit" if I missed something. Did anybody else just hear the gears of self-preservation kick into motion?

Where were we? People hating me. It doesn't really happen all that often, just enough to keep me humble. Even using the word "hate" isn't fair, it's more like 3-4 times a year I get a firmly written email or a passive aggressive comment on the phone. I did have one humorous moment where upon meeting someone for the first time, the first words out of their mouth were "Oh yeah, I know you, you almost killed my deal last year." That one caught me a little off guard and I wish I had a recording of it so I could count the number of seconds which passed before I managed a response. On the bright side, some light animosity every once in a while is probably good training for when my children become teenagers. DISCLAIMER: I make no promises regarding the quality of my reports during those years.

So why am I bringing this up? Well, truthfully, because some genius decided he should include a blog on his inspection website. No, actually it's because Integrity Home Inspection is heading towards over 150 5-star Google reviews, an incredible number for a market the size of Central Illinois. We have been blessed to work with such generous people.

I truly appreciate all the positive reviews, but I know as a business and individually as an inspector I can always improve so I also appreciate the follow up which may not be all positive. No individual benefits from only being told "everything is awesome". And that is exactly the reason buyers need a quality inspection from the most reviewed and highest rated inspection company in all of Central Illinois. Call today! 309-712-1556

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