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Mold is Beautiful! Well...

By Integrity Home Inspection, Mar 6 2017 07:21PM

Everyone is worried about "black mold", but what about the pink and orange? YIKES! The reality is, color doesn't matter; Cleanup and moisture control do. Mold types come in a rainbow of colors and some of them are quite beautiful. Yes, I said that. I'm not inviting it to my house for dinner anytime soon, aside from blue cheese dressing with wings(yum!). The point is, mold color has been a source of unnecessary fear over the years.

Misnomers like "black mold" and "toxic mold" can raise concerns and sell services, but they do not actually inform the public of anything beneficial. For more information and help with your moisture issues, call Integrity Home Inspection today. 309-712-1556

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